Friday, July 10, 2009

Shua Kessin - Nishmas Accepla Single

Shua Kessin is a name you'd might have been hearing more of lately, and for good reason. Shua has recently become a huge name on both the Kumzits and wedding scene. He is currently finshing to record his debut album, "LO LIHITYAISH" which will be ready at the end of the Summer. This debut album is produced by Ozer Babad, and will feature songs composed by Shua himself.

We wanted you to get a small taste of what Shua has to offer, and so we present to you an A Cappela version of Nishmas. This is a song that Shua composed and will also be featured on his upcoming album.

Here is a small description of the song by Shua.

"We say Nishmas every Shabbos. I was recently talking to a friend who has been going through some terrible Tzoras. Whenever I ask him how he is doing he always makes a point in saying "Baruch Hashem!" I asked him what he thinks the meaning of Nishmas is and he told me, without any hesitation, "We aren't expressing our thanks for the extras in life like a nice house, or a nice car...we are simply thanking hashem for the basics. The fact that we wake up every morning and we breathe, we smile, we eat, we are healthy."

That's a special thought and the message is simple. Hashem is always there for us making sure we have everything we need to survive, even with all the trouble facing us in todays tough Matzav. Hashem is always there for us, and for that we sing, Nishmas Kol Chai."

Please enjoy this A Cappela single, Nishmas, from the upcoming album, "LO LIHITYAISH" - due this Elul!

This is only an A Cappela version of the song. The song, along with the rest of the album, will contain full musical arrangements.


Anonymous said...

this song (at least the chorus) is the exact same song as the classic by the rabbi's sons "umacha".

Anonymous said...

never heard umacha whatever..
i loved it,great song and performance
keep it strong

Anonymous said...

Anony #1, I'm with you. "Umacha" is a classic. If someone tries to copy another song, he should at least try to alter it in some way. The "composer" of this song has some chutzpa to claim that he composed it, as if it's original. But I'll try to be don l'kof zchus that the "composer" had never heard "Umacha", and was simply "michavin" to an old song. I hope so.

Unknown said...

Iknow i said the same thing that its just like umacha and i sure hope he's heard umacha! terrible!