Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shloime Taussig - Lashem Haaretz Umloah - Single

Teem Productions presents a newly composed single sung by Shloime Taussig. The song, Lashem Haaretz Umloah was composed by and also guest starring, R’ Yitzchok Fuchs. Here is the cover and the artwork for this free single. CreditsProduced by Yossi Tyberg & Gershy Moskowitz Song Composed by R' Yitzchok Fuchs Technical Assistance by Chaim Lowy  MusicArranged By Ruli Ezrachi Keys  Programming by Ruli Ezrachi Guitars: R' Yitzchok Fuchs, Nachman Dreyer Drums by Gal Gershovsky Vocals recorded by Ruli Ezrachi @ ProTubes Studio, Brooklyn, ny mixed and mastered by Ruli Ezrachi Choir By Moshe Krauss Recorded @ MK Studios, Monroe, New York Design/Marketing by Sruly Meyer Special Thanks to Ruli Ezrachi for going out of his way for this project!