Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yaakov Shwekey - Libi Bamizrach - Sampler

After the year Yaakov Shwekey just had you might assume it was time for him to take a break. Huge shows in Manhattan, France, Israel and across the globe, not to mention the release of his most recent hit album “Adi Bli Dai”. Fortunately that’s not so. Yaakov it seems is going back to his roots. Yochi Briskman and Yaakov and finishing up a Sfardi Album, a first for Yaakov. The album is entitled “Libi Bamizrach”. Now we aren’t talking about some old well known sfradic song. We are talking about all new material and a side of Shwekey we have not heard enough of till now.


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natanel said...

Machti Harabim Causes people to sin (mix setting concert) anyone who goes to his concert is "a money fearing Jew" G-d is only part of the equation when G-d Does not interferes with their life style

Anonymous said...

the best singer and cd.....may Adonai bless you and your people