Monday, February 28, 2011

Avishai Levy Presents comeback!

Avishai Levy was defined as "wonder boy" of the Eastern music of the eighties, when he was only seven. Time served as the main vocalist of the legendary children's choir "Flowers of Jerusalem", which appeared throughout the country and around the world. In 1988 was Levi's debut album "Who to like you" won a great success, Levy has issued five studio albums that were a milestone in music penetrated the eastern border broke out to new audiences varied + collection comprised within the best hits of the Levy.

After the musical silence of several years focused on building the family unit and other areas, a big comeback Levy returns to center stage and activity of Mizrahi music accompanied by a new band lineup with first class musicians and a variety of surprising new album.

Avakeshcha" - a moving ballad from the depths of the heart that seeks "Please God, please answer me please God what is happening to me ... hear my voice calling you ... notice me not gone from you." Yair Avidan responsible for the words relating to music powerful, Achsahaeveod Ilan lev & eli melamed  musical production shows that the participation of the best Valley musicians and musicians in the genre east.

Listen to fun!