Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Jackie Eliyahu - Mehashamaim

Singer Jackie Elijah journey of his life on the street sweeping

With singer Jackie Eliyahu, music and life, intertwined with each other ways of Providence amazingly, the story of his life. Over seven years ago, Elijah vehicles collided head-on, hitting him fatally deadly, Elijah was hospitalized in intensive care over three weeks in critical condition as he walked was between him and death ...!!!. Against all odds, thanks to faith and prayer, Elijah recovered and returned to life. Since appears all over the country and abroad with the amazing life story songs to inspire the hearts and sanctify the name sky public.

Eliyahu issued by the hits, "hacol letova", "cama milim" and to "ratz el rabinu". Currently working on his second album in March. Spectacular polished production of the musical atmosphere breeze cocktail Greek - Mediterranean, identified all - so with Elijah. Behind Elijah, is the leading production company, incorporating in it the best first-class professionals, under the baton of David Zigman musician and songwriter. Is behind dozens of successful major productions of the classics and best genre.

"Mehashamaim" - is the first pioneers from the album. Lyrics written by musician songwriter David Zigman draws the listener into a journey of his life on every one of us: "Four in the morning on the street of life I walk only you I see and hear keeps me from heaven ... God takes, now we have water and illuminates us the happiness in the eye ...".