Thursday, August 18, 2011

Avishai Rosen G.P.S. - אבישי רוזן ג'י פי אס

Avishai Rosen Just released another hit Titled GPS was written after a ride with a taxi/cab driver who said to the passenger sitting  right next to him, you see the device the g.p.s? It knows exactly where we are now. So if the g.p.s know where we are, surely and certainly Hashem knows where we are


Anonymous said...

avishai!!! youhave the beeest voice andyour soooooooo cute. your my favorite singer!!! i love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

avishai!!! you have the best voice and your sooo cute!!! your my favorite singer!!! i loooove you!!!!

Anonymous said...

avisha, my favorite singer!!! i commented 2 times already on this one!!!! your soo good and i love the beat to your songs-ALL YOUR SONGS!!!! your absolutely THE BEST!!!!!!