Sunday, September 04, 2011

Big Names in Jewish Music come together for The Copyright Project

Big Names in Jewish Music Industry have come together for A very exciting new music video is in the works The video is directed by Danny Finkelman who also directed Unity for Justice & The Japan song is produced by FM Productions from London and will be focusing on the countless downloads that are taking place within the community, causing major losses to the Jewish music industry.

The song lyrics, which are in both Yiddish and English, were written by Motty Ilowitz and Moshe Kravitsky and speak about the copyright issues that have affected the industry, yet adds a comic twist as it focuses on “A Day in the Life of a Chassidic Music Star”. The camera follows the artist, as portrayed by Chassidic comedian Yoily Leibowitz, throughout his ”artistic” day.

The cast also includes Michoel Schnitzler, Ohad, Shloime Gertner, Beri Weber, Dovid Gabay, Yoily Greenfeld, Yumi Lowy, Yitzchak Fuchs, Shloime Daskal, and composer Yossi Green, with cameo appearances by chassidic music producers Gershy Moshkowitz, Naftoli Moshe Schnitzler, Ruli Ezrachi, Mendy Werdyger and others. Musical arrangements by Hershy Ginsberg.

This music video is being sponsored by Israel’s Magen David Adom, Ami Magazine, Klein’s Ice Cream House, Rykar, and Jewish music distribution oulets, ‘Niggun’, ‘Sameach’, ‘Galpaz’, and ‘Aderet’ and is intended to be released following the Jewish holidays in October.