Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brand New A Cappela Group! Y-Studs

The A Capella season is upon us and Aderet music is honored to introduce the debut album from a group you will soon be hearing a lot about! The Y-Studs, are yet another group to come from Yeshiva University, and have performed at venues across the US for over 2 years. The Y-Studs are a diverse group hailing from various musical backgrounds. Together, their individual sounds mesh to form rich harmonies and a luscious sound. Their upcoming debut album “Take me Home” is set to be released on April 2nd, 2012 through Aderet Music, and will be available online to download through 

In honor of the upcoming release, the Y-Studs are offering you a FREE download of the song “Bilvavi” which will be featured on the CD. All you have to do is enter your name and email address to receive the FREE track. Like the Y-Studs on Facebook for more updates. 


Shades of Grey said...

Hello! You guys need to advertise that the Y-Studs are fund-raising to get their physical CD's printed. They need $2000 and are over halfway there. those who pledge will get "rewards" which can include mp3 or hard copies of the album. So anyone who wants to buy their album should donate to make sure it happens!

Here is the link to contribute:

Anonymous said...

The Y-studs just released their brand new music video titled Ahavat Yisrael! Please repost: