Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Baryo "Or Halevono" new Music Video

Baryo lights up the moon with a new Music video

between show to show & wedding to wedding the young singer Baryo chakshur found time just a few hours to Be photographed for a new & interesting clip of one of his greater hits from the album Or Hlevono" - that was selected one of the greatest hits of the past year" .out of the album put out last summer The clip was filmed in several places in jerusalem And during some Scene's Of the prayer of "קידוש לבנה" Were directed as its the topic of the song , that As aforesaid became a big hit . the song is composed of words from the prayer with a verse that the Sages of Israel used to relate to the Virtue of the "לבנה" to the days of the "משיח" . 

thus Baryo closes the cycle with his premier album the was a great Success World wide with Thousands of copies sold on cd's & i tunes .
Now baryo is moving forward & Currently working on more projects With new names in the jewish music industry .

the clip was produced by : from israel who has already produced (A few Successful Hasidic clip's (lapidos,piamenta,& more that were published recently