Thursday, September 01, 2011

אשר בן ניצוץ החיים - Asher Ben Spark of Life

Asher Ben does not stop for a moment, on his way to the forefront and making the Eastern music. It is paved, steadily and firmly. And releasing a second single, "nitzotz hahaim" - an energetic song, whose motto joy, jump-starting the heart of hearing the spark in his eyes. "What ignited the spark in the eye of a sudden it happens prayers are made in heaven face and sing to the Creator ..." Ben worked intensely and thoroughly debut album, which take part in the first line of the Eastern music industry. Released first single from "karov elav", which won a warm embrace various media outlets. Words and music by Sharon Avilhak [meydad Tasa, Ohad, Kfir Ben-Itzhak, Itzik dadya and more]. Processing and musical production: Doron Elimelech [meydad Tasa, Kfir Ben-Yitzhak, Ohad, Itzik dadya and more].